About me

I have been modeling for about three years now. I joined this network to work with other creative talents in high fashion, beauty, and much more. I am interested in expanding my realm of contacts all over the US. I use modeling as one of my jobs, so I take it seriously.

About the photos

All photos have been taken by a list of these photographers. If you would like to know more, please contact me.

~Jeff Downie
~NJV Photography
~Nick Arrojo
~Aesthetic Sherippa
~A.K. Snyder Photography
~Alt Photography
~Hannah Dexter
~Timothy Logan
~HeatherB Photography
~Shayna MUA
~Lisa Pflaum
~Cleveland Fine Art
~Sarah Loven
~Rhonda Oatman
~Evon Photography
~Greggory Scott
~David Wingate
~SMA11 Photography - Patrick


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